Special Alerts

Sep 12, 2017 : Service Outage Updates
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Special Alert

Service Outage Updates

Sep 12, 2017
For more information on alerts and service outages in your area, visit Aqua's Service Outages page.

Aug 28, 2017 : A Message for Aqua Customers Affected by Hurricane Harvey
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Special Alert

A Message for Aqua Customers Affected by Hurricane Harvey

Aug 28, 2017

Our hearts go out to the families affected by Hurricane Harvey as we begin to recover from the devastating floodwaters together. We hope you are safe.

Please know that our employees are responding to water and wastewater service problems as soon as roads are passable and it’s safe for them to travel. Most of our systems remain powered and in full operation. However, since we’re not able to access all of our systems yet to confirm water quality, Aqua has issued a precautionary boil water advisory for most of our southeast Texas communities. We have directly notified customers who are under this precautionary boil water advisory by phone and email.

  • Please boil tap water used for cooking, drinking, brushing teeth, making ice and any other time you consume it. You can safely consume water after bringing it to a hard boil for two minutes, then letting it cool before drinking it.
  • It’s better if young infants and pregnant women use bottled water instead of boiled tap water whenever possible.

This advisory will remain in effect until the affected customers receive a notice from Aqua that it has been lifted.

For more information, please call customer service at 877.987.2782 or follow Aqua at facebook.com/MyAquaAmerica and twitter.com/MyAquaAmerica.

Please be safe.


Employee Spotlight

Glen Lewis

Director of Corporate Development

Playing in a rock and roll band led Glen Lewis to his wife of 41 years with whom he continues to make music. Lewis, Aqua Texas’ director of corporate development, started playing guitar as a junior in high school in the early 1960s.

Lewis was in his second group – Custer’s Last Band – when he met his future wife, Lynette, at a performance. After law school, Lewis married Lynette and took a short sabbatical from rock and roll. Later, with Lewis on bass and Lynette singing, they formed The Fabulous GTOs. The band continues to play together 31 years later, with an occasional change to the lineup.

Lewis also has deep roots in water. After practicing law for 11 years, Lewis managed his father’s water system for the next 20. When the company was sold, Lewis went back to practicing law before joining Aqua in 2007. Now, he identifies private and municipal water and wastewater system owners who’d like to sell to Aqua. 

Owners have different reasons for selling. Municipals try to maintain balanced budgets, while managing priorities like roads, bridges, schools and police. Private owners sometimes sell due to the challenge to maintain compliance with rigorous federal and state drinking water regulations.

Lewis’s day job is also music to his ears. “I love what I do,” he said, “and I enjoy the folks I work with. I just wish I could find more hours in the day.”

"…we are so appreciative of all the support you have given of Jacob’s Well Community Garden; it has 
been extremely helpful and is allowing us to reach our goal ‘to build, grow and sustain the Wimberley
 Valley’s first Community Organic Garden'"
– Sue, Wimberley, Texas

Construction Updates


Aqua Texas plans to spend about $265,000 on capital improvement projects for the Sandy Creek Ranches water system in northwestern Travis County in 2014. The projects are part of Aqua’s ongoing program to improve water service and reliability and to comply with environmental regulations. The system serves about 1,800 people who live in the Sandy Creek Ranches subdivision near the City of Leander.

This year, Aqua plans to install a new 2,500-gallon hydro tank, replace a 40,000-gallon water tank, build a new booster station to increase water pressure, and install 900 feet of water pipeline.

Aqua’s 2014 improvement plans are on top of a $110,000 pipe replacement and isolation valve installation project that Aqua completed last year to reduce leaks and water outages. The new isolation valves enable Aqua to isolate a broken pipe and minimize service interruptions to customers.

Bob Laughman, president of Aqua, said, “It’s essential that we rebuild and repair water systems for the families we serve, especially when Texas faces such daunting water supply challenges. Well-maintained water systems are critical to ensuring that we protect public health and provide reliable service.”


Aqua completed the replacement of approximately 17,000 feet of water pipeline in Woodcreek North and about 12,000 feet of pipe in the City of Woodcreek in Hays County in 2013. Aqua replaced approximately 20,000 feet of pipe in Woodcreek North in 2012 for a grand total of about 49,000 feet, or more than 9 miles, of new pipe in the Wimberley Valley in the past two years. The total two-year project cost is estimated at $4.6 million.

Aqua undertook the pipe replacement project to reduce water loss due to leaky old pipes and to improve service reliability for customers.

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