Lead Service Lines

Customer Lead Service Line Replacement Program


Lead is a naturally occurring metal that can cause a variety of adverse health effects. Lead exposure through drinking water is primarily as a result of corrosion of lead pipes and plumbing materials. The Pennsylvania General Assembly determined it is in the public interest for water utilities to assist customers in the replacement of customer-owned lead service lines throughout Pennsylvania.  More information about lead and drinking water can be found in the Lead Fact Sheet.

The service line that provides water service to a property is made up of two parts: a Company-owned portion (which connects from the Company’s main to the curb line) and a customer-owned portion (which connects from the curb line to a customer’s structure). 

Under the Customer Lead Service Line Replacement Program, Aqua will replace the customer-owned portion of the service line at no direct cost to the customer. Aqua will:

  • Identify the material type of the customer-owned service line
  • Provide sampling materials for testing the customer’s water
  • Enter into an agreement to replace the customer-owned portion of the service line
  • Restore the customer’s property as reasonably as practicable
  • Dedicate the newly installed customer portion of the service line back to the customer
  • Provide a warranty on the work completed to replace the customer-owned lead service line

More detailed information regarding the Customer Lead Service Line Replacement Program can be found in the Replacement Program Information Sheet

You can also contact Aqua’s Water Quality Department at 610.645.4272 and leave a message, providing your name, address and phone number, and indicating you are seeking information regarding Aqua’s Customer Lead Service Line Replacement Program.  Aqua will return your call to provide information on the program.

Sampling and Testing

Prior to the replacement, Aqua will provide sampling materials to customers that Aqua will collect, test, and provide the results to customers from those samples. If a customer has a verified lead service line, Aqua will provide the customer with a National Sanitation Foundation approved water filter for lead.

After a replacement conducted through this program, Aqua will provide water sampling materials to the property for additional testing.

Customer Agreement and Replacement

For Aqua to complete a replacement, the customer (or property owner, if the customer is not the property owner) must enter into an agreement with Aqua. The agreement provides that the customer (or property owner) will give access to Aqua, or Aqua’s contractor, to complete the replacement. The agreement will be provided to customers/property owners after Aqua verifies the presence of a customer lead service line. Following replacement, Aqua, or Aqua’s contractor, will restore the property as reasonably as practicable to its former condition prior to the replacement of the customer-owned lead service line. A two-year warranty on the workmanship and materials of the installation shall be provided. 

After replacement, customers should flush their internal plumbing by following these instructions.

Reimbursement for Customers that Have Already Replaced a Lead Service Line

Aqua’s Replacement Program provides for reimbursement to customers as set forth in the replacement program. Please review the Replacement Program Information Sheet for details on eligibility for reimbursements.

Helping Hand Low-Income Assistance Program

Helping Hand is Aqua Pennsylvania’s low-income assistance program designed to enable low-income customers to make manageable monthly payments on their water and wastewater bills. Customers who meet all three criteria below are eligible to participate in Helping Hand.

  1. Household income is less than 200 percent of the federal poverty level
  2. Account is more than 21 days past due
  3. Customer has at least $110 in unpaid water bills

Click here for more info on Aqua Pennsylvania’s Helping Hand Program.