Identifying Aqua Employees


It is early morning and you’re home alone. You hear a knock at the door and the man outside identifies himself as a water company employee. He says there are leaks in your area and he’s doing a check of the homes on your street. He needs to check your meter and the inside pipes. Once inside, he asks you to run water in the utility sink as he checks the upstairs bathroom sink. While there, he steals your jewelry and money left on your dresser.

This is a description of a theft that has occurred in Aqua’s service area. Unfortunately, thieves will try to gain access to your home by impersonating utility workers.

But you can protect yourself from these imposters by being informed.

In most cases, the only time Aqua would need to be inside your home is to service or exchange a meter, or to respond to a problem about which you called us. In the former case, you would be contacted by the company via mail or phone to schedule an appointment. Even in those cases, we want you to confirm that the person who comes to your property is a legitimate Aqua representative.

All Aqua employees carry company identification and are dressed in company uniforms. They also drive company vehicles (mostly white Chevrolets) with the Aqua logo prominently displayed.

Aqua employees and contractors are instructed to introduce themselves to the property owner and voluntarily present their photo ID cards so that customer can see the clearly marked Aqua logo. If the employee does not volunteer his ID card, you should ask to see it.

There are few exceptions to the scenarios described above, when you might receive an unannounced visit from an Aqua employee.  An employee might come to your door to make you aware of an unscheduled service outage, such as a main break. In this case, the employee would not need to access the inside of your home. An Aqua employee might also make an unannounced visit to investigate a property that has had multiple “zero usage” bills or an account that has not had a meter read for more than 45 days.  In these cases, the employee would have an Aqua photo identification card. Finally, if a meter reader has trouble getting  remote meter read from outside your home, an employee might ask to enter you home to read the meter, in which case they would present their photo identification card. If you are ever uncomfortable with the person who comes to your door or the reason they give you for the visit, you may call customer service at 877.987.2782 to have both the visit and the name of the employee confirmed before allowing entry to your home.

Aqua’s meter, maintenance, and construction workers generally wear navy blue or khaki-colored outer clothing with bright orange or lime green shirts with the Aqua logo.

If at any time you feel threatened, do not allow the person into your home and contact the local police department immediately.