COVID-19 Updates

Aqua's COVID-19 Updates
As a utility that provides critical public services, our focus is on ensuring the continued reliability and safety of our water and wastewater systems for our customers, as well as the health and safety of our employees.

First and foremost, our customers should be assured that drinking water provided by Aqua meets or exceeds all state and federal safety requirements. Aqua’s standard business operations include treatment procedures that remove or inactivate viruses, including COVID-19, from our water supplies and sources.

Aqua is actively monitoring the COVID-19 outbreak globally and in the U.S. We are working closely with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and local health authorities to continuously monitor the situation and evaluate our operational response plans. At this time, we do not anticipate any disruptions or impact to our services as a result of the outbreak.

Stay informed on COVID-19 updates. Follow Aqua on social media. We're active on LinkedInFacebook and Twitter. Find us at myaquaamerica. Sign up for WaterSmart Alerts. Aqua customers can stay up-to-date on any water service emergencies impacting their area by signing up to receive our WaterSmart Alerts by phone, email and/or text. See the sidebar of this page for sign up details.

Essential’s Utilities Prepared for COVID-19

Aqua is part of the Essential Utilities family of companies, read about the COVID-19 response from Essential here.

Your water is safe to drink and use during this time. Essential Utilities’ Chief Environmental Officer Chris Crockett spoke to the safety of drinking water during the COVID-19 crisis on KYW Newsradio's INDEPTH podcast on March 18. Listen here to learn more about Aqua’s treatment processes and safety protocols and why going out to buy bottled water is much less safe than staying home and using your tap water.

Help avoid clogs and backups: Aqua strongly recommends that you do not flush wipes or paper towels down the toilet. Even wipes marketed as being “flushable” don’t break down and can cause backups in your household plumbing and problems in wastewater collection systems. These items are being used more than ever, and we ask that you please dispose in the trash instead of flushing. In addition, as there is likely an increase in home cooking, please remember to keep sinks and drains clear of fats, oils and grease. Thank you for your help as these actions will ensure our wastewater systems can effectively serve our customers.

A solid handwashing routine is more important now than ever. Aqua created a Handwashing 101 video with steps to follow for the proper technique. Check it out on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn.