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The Water Industry Today
Approximately 53,000 community water systems exist in the United States. These systems can serve upwards of 8 million people or as little as 12 people. Many community systems are within five miles from each other and serve populations less than 10,000. In rural areas, millions of residents depend on private wells dug into their own properties for water and use septic systems to dispose of wastewater. Municipally owned systems are responsible for the water services for about 85 percent of the population, with private companies serving most of the remainder. Privately owned companies range from small business enterprises to large corporations with publicly traded stock, like Aqua. In some areas, public-private partnerships have been formed between private-sector companies and municipalities to handle water treatment, delivery and wastewater service.

Water Shortages and Drought
In some parts of the United States, such as regions in the South and West, water sources are in short supply. Many of these same regions are also facing drought conditions due to drier, warmer weather. While Aqua serves communities in the South, Aqua’s systems are not facing water shortages — although some areas are in a drought. Therefore, Aqua encourages all its customers to practice smart water use. Check out our Water Smart section for ways to save water. To find out if your state is in a drought, visit the U.S. Drought Monitor.

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