Existing Vendors

Aqua's Existing Vendors

Providing quality water and wastewater service and maintaining environmental compliance requires Aqua to conduct business with vendors who can provide quality cost competitive services and products. We welcome proposals and bids from a variety of vendors and strive to maintain a list of diverse potential business partners.

If you would like to explore the opportunity of providing products or services to Aqua, please see the information required to do business with Aqua in the “Potential Vendors” section, including documentation required to register your business with Aqua. Please email the completed registration form to PODesk@AquaAmerica.com. If we are able to use the products or services you provide, a representative will contact you to discuss the possibility of our companies working together.

Aqua reserves the right to select vendors that will participate in its procurement process. Aqua cannot, and will not, promise to transact business with any vendor.

Want to go paperless?

Aqua's existing vendors can opt to receive future Purchase orders by e-mail.  Send your Vendor name and e-mail address to PODesk@AquaAmerica.com

Supply Chain Guidelines Information